Paul Mullin is a Principal Engineer on the Major Loss team with over 25 years of electrical engineering experience with a unique focus in designing and testing electrical equipment and electronic systems for the HVAC and marine industries. 

How long have you worked for Envista and what do you do?

I have worked for Envista for over 13 years as a Forensic Engineer, Equipment Loss Consultant, and Manager.

What is one of the most interesting jobs you’ve worked?

One of the most interesting jobs was in the city of Morelia in central Mexico for a large manufacturing plant fire. I used x-ray and CT scanning to develop a root cause of failure. 

What is the farthest you’ve traveled for a loss?

Morelia Mexico for a fire

What is the longest you’ve been away managing a loss?

One week

What is the best part about working major losses for Envista?

On the Major Loss team at Envista, the losses are not garden variety, they can involve very expensive or exotic equipment, and require a multi-discipline approach. This allows for collaboration between disciplines and working as a team, which is always better than working alone!

Did you always want to be an engineer?

No, I wanted to be an airline pilot in high school but was talked out of it. I’m happy with the choice I made as it suits me much better and has been a much better career choice looking back. I now revert to flying radio-controlled airplanes as a hobby.

Paul Mullin

Paul Mullin, PE, CFEI

Principal Engineer

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