Keith Nygaard is a Senior Project Consultant that provides expert consultation to the insurance and legal communities in matters of high tech equipment losses. With over 20 years of experience in multiple industries involving design, manufacturing, and project management, he performs electrical and mechanical engineering evaluation and testing functions for small businesses to multi-billion dollar companies both in the U.S., Canada, and Asia.

How long have you worked for Envista and what do you do? 

I have worked for Envista for over 12 years and I currently work on the Major Loss team as a mechanical consultant. I also work on electrical claims (my undergraduate degree is in Engineering Physics with mechanical and electrical disciplines) and am a CFEI (Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator). My expertise is with equipment losses and manufacturing losses.

What is one of the most interesting jobs you’ve worked?

I performed a fire investigation at a famous resort in the Maldives, where a fire occurred to a premier villa in a resort on the ocean that is rented for $25,000/day. The fire started in one of the villa’s adjacent bunkhouses and embers from the fire progressed over the water by the wind and onto the beach to consume seven other villas and a restaurant on the main island. Since the bunkhouse where the fire started was consumed to the support posts and the equipment fell into the water, I had to snorkel for two days to retrieve evidence from the bunkhouse and evaluate to determine the origin and cause of the fire. It was eventually determined that an air conditioning unit at the bunkhouse overheated, causing ignition and fire within the bunkhouse. 

What is the farthest you’ve traveled for a loss?

Sulawesi, Indonesia for a mining furnace loss. There were three flights to get to the loss in the middle of East Sulawesi.

What is the longest you’ve been away managing a loss?

One week has been the longest I’ve been away so far, managing a project for a CAT loss in Dallas-Fort Worth.

 What is the best part about working major losses for Envista?

The best part about working major losses for Envista is being able to work with different departments and multiple consultants on the same loss. Working with building consulting, fire, electrical, mechanical, structural, and other groups make it very interesting to hear from them on their perspectives on each loss.

Did you always want to be an engineer?

Yes, since I was young I was always interested in mechanical and electrical equipment and tinkered around with this equipment on the farm, where I grew up. My mother suggested I go into Engineering but I didn’t know which engineering discipline to study so I went into Engineering Physics, which is a combination of all the major engineering disciplines, with civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical. I am glad that I was able to study all of these disciplines, for it has helped me a lot as a project consultant in the Major Loss Group.

Keith Nygaard

Keith Nygaard

Senior Project Consultant

Major Loss
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