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Forensic Trial Graphics and Animations

During a trial or forensics investigation, the proper presentation of evidence can be the deciding factor of a case. With the use of forensics trial graphics, a jury or judge can not only listen to an expert's testimony but can also be immersed in a world and experience the investigation as the expert sees it.

Our forensic engineers, investigators, and graphics and animation experts have extensive experience providing visual aids and consultation to communicate effectively to all involved parties. Our case experience ranges from personal injuries to the most complex losses and litigated matters.

Forensic Trial Graphics

Common types of forensic trial graphics that we use in court:

  • 3D animated models
  • 2D illustrations and animated models
  • Graphs and photo shows
  • Demonstrative exhibits

Visualizing the Evidence

We employ technical illustration, graphic design, and an experienced hand at putting your evidence in the best light during:

  • Opening statements
  • Expert testimony demonstrative exhibits
  • Technical tutorials
  • Closing arguments
  • Figures for briefs
  • Trial boards
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