Kenneth Millard, Managing Director of Envista Forensics Nordics, has worked at Envista since 2017 and AREPA since 2006 when AREPA was acquired by Forsyth Capital. As an integral part of Envista’s international team, Kenneth also holds roles as Managing Director of AREPA in Denmark and member of the AREPA Sweden Board of Directors.

Kenneth began his career with AREPA as manager and developer for the IT service department and quickly moved into his role as Sales Director. A few years later, he became Managing Director of AREPA in Denmark, following the sale of AREPA’s IT service department in 2013. One year later, Kenneth overtook the responsibility for the AREPA Operation in Sweden.

Kenneth started his professional career in 1998 as a software developer for Andersen Consulting (Accenture), where he worked with application development for two years. In 2000, Kenneth moved into the insurance industry and began an organization called BMI Technology with his brother, which offered IT solutions and claims support on IT-related claims for Danish insurance companies. By 2002, Kenneth and his brother started a second company, BMI CNC Service, which was sold in 2005 to Elcon, a large Danish contracting company.  

In 2003, Kenneth and his brother created a brand called AKTIVSKADE, translated best to “Active Damage Services.” From the startup in 2000 until the IT services sold in 2013, Kenneth and his team created a range of software applications and hardware solutions to Danish customers. In 2006, BMI Technology was acquired by AREPA, and AKTIVSKADE and the IT department were implemented into the AREPA organization.

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Kenneth Millard

Managing Director,

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