We are committed to a culture of care, compassion, inclusiveness, and respect. Envista ensures that our everyday environment is a place where individuals feel safe, valued, comfortable, and can thrive. We value recognition and celebration of everyone's contributions and encourage our leaders to continuously invest in personal and professional development in order to create a vibrant environment that challenges people to seize opportunities and fully realize their potential.

Additionally, we regularly post internal opportunities within our organisation to give our employees the ability to apply for upward or lateral movement before making the open roles available publicly. We want our employees to advance and find the roles that best suit their strengths and provide them with security and new experiences.

From the Top Down

Envista recognizes that healthy work cultures start at the top and carefully select managers and leaders that actively aim to build motivated and engaged teams that work together. They set clear and achievable goals together with our employees to ensure that everybody feels like they truly make a difference in our organisation.

Embrace Change, Inspire Trust

We encourage connection through open and meaningful communication and embrace change and continuous improvement. It is important to us that our team inspires trust through integrity and accountability. We strive to deliver exceptional service to all and always work as a team.

Finding Balance

Our employees' health is paramount, making it essential that they maintain a healthy life and work balance, driving them to be more passionate and productive in their day-to-day activities. Our employees enjoy flexible hours and autonomy in their responsibilities, with the ability to prioritize as they feel best.

Five Guiding Principles

At Envista, we operate under five guiding principles:

  1. One company, one team
  2. Deliver unparalleled service to customers and colleagues
  3. Ownership of all our results
  4. Invest in our people
  5. Speed and simplicity

Through these commitments, we continue to build an enduring organisation that values our people and fosters a respectful and open environment that encourages the very best growth and development opportunities.

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