Heavy Industry

The heavy industry provides employment to millions of people around the world. Due to the massive scale of production, individual facilities may employ tens of thousands of people. In addition, the heavy industry sector produces much of the machinery and tools needed by other sectors of the economy. As demand for energy, construction, mining, and other heavy industry is expected to grow as global populations continue to increase through the 21st century, the future of heavy industry means more stringent environmental regulations and increases in the already significant costs associated with the industry.

Because the heavy industry is already extremely capital-intensive and requires significant investment in equipment, buildings, complex machine tools, and extensive infrastructure, any unexpected problems or disasters in this sector can be devastating with long-reaching impacts.

At Envista, we have a depth of experience managing large forensic investigations following heavy industry incidents involving:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical production
  • Construction of large buildings and infrastructure
  • Locomotive manufacturing
  • Machine tool building
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy (solar and wind farms)
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel production

Our teams of experts have decades of experience working across the heavy industry sector as designers, engineers, facility managers, and risk managers. Whether it is damage from a tropical storm, product defects, construction or project delays, or even a cyber-attack to critical network infrastructure, Envista's forensic engineers and experts are partners in your success, providing full-service consulting solutions from on-site failure investigations and evidence inspections all the way to delivering expert testimony, and everything in between.

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inkjet printing press
Water Damage to Inkjet Press Machine
At a printing facility in Minneapolis, it was reported that an inkjet printing press unit used for commercial printing purposes had incurred water damages as a result of a roof leak.
inkjet printing press
ransomware alert
Post-Ransomware Cost Review
After a mid-sized manufacturing company encountered a ransomware attack that encrypted production data, Envista's Data Loss Consulting team was brought in to confirm the attack and determine the cost to remediate the damage.
ransomware alert
data center
University Data Center
During construction, a contractor damaged a transformer that supplied power to the data center, and an Envista Data Loss Consulting expert was called in to investigate the damage. 
data center
Rapid Deployment of Large-Scale Inventory and Inspection Project
A major manufacturer and distributor of electronics operates a series of large warehouses. In early 2020, one of these warehouses was damaged in a CAT event, resulting in a partial collapse of the warehouse.
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