The financial services industry continues to experience dramatic changes. From real estate to banking, insurance, disruptive technologies, cybercrime, economic turbulence, and a changing regulatory environment, these changes all pose major challenges and risks to industry stakeholders.

Due to these myriad factors, financial services companies have had to become much more sophisticated in their risk management strategies and tactics over the past decade or so, and for many stakeholders in the financial industry, cybersecurity remains a top concern. Not a week goes by without news reporting another high-profile security incident. It is forecasted that cybercrime damages will rise to $6 trillion annually across the globe this year. The fact that financial services firms are 300 times more likely to incur a cyber-attack, makes it clear that business leaders must be aware of the evolving cybersecurity risks.

In many cases, security incidents are the result of employee negligence or lack of proper data protection policies. In addition, malware, phishing attacks, and other viruses plague large organizations across the financial sector.

When the inevitable occurs, it is critical that you have a trusted partner who can assist with quickly determining the extent of damages and mitigating business interruption. Envista's Digital Forensics experts have decades of experience working across numerous industries including banking, security, and technology and can assist financial institutions following cybercrimes or other disputes involving customer data.

We can help you recover after:

  • Hacking or other data breaches
  • Bank fraud
  • Financial tampering
  • Theft of IP
  • Employee wrongdoing
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Case Studies
High End Hotel London Header
High End Hotel Fire, London
In June 2018 a high-end hotel in  London suffered a fire. Envista was appointed to assist with the mechanical and electrical engineering as well as to assess the quantum and cost of damage to a luxury hotel with 10 floors including 178 high-end rooms, apartments and two penthouses.
High End Hotel London Header
adobestock 234693473
Flood Damage to Senior Living Facility Following Hurricane Harvey
Envista was assigned to investigate flood damages at a Senior Living Facility following Hurricane Harvey, which landfall in Texas and Louisiana in August of 2017 as a devastating Category 4 storm.
adobestock 234693473
hurricane michael 5
Coastal Marina Hit by Hurricane Michael
On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall near Panama City, Florida as a dangerous Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. Envista’s Building Consulting team was engaged to provide building construction services for a large marina loss.
hurricane michael 5
pro football stadium case study
Pro Football Stadium: Business Interruption Due to Incorrect Paint Usage
Envista was engaged on a case after a professional football league was forced to cancel a game scheduled to be played live on national television with thousands of fans in the stadium, moments before kick-off.
pro football stadium case study
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