Richard Kempster is the Manager of Technical Operations in London, UK. In this role, Richard acts as the technical lead for Envista's UK team. This includes all high-level operational responsibilities, as well as working with the global team of discipline trainers to provide continuous education and mentoring of new employees and collaborating with Sales and Marketing to build and strengthen the Envista brand through key national and international clients.

In his previous role as Forensic Consultant, Richard was responsible for investigating the origin and cause of fires. He has investigated fires involving commercial structures, manufacturing facilities, vehicles, plant machinery, and heavy industrial complexes. He also served as the Evidence Custodian for the UK team, responsible for the collection, packaging, and handling of evidence from various disciplines including electrical, fire, and mechanical losses.

Richard has experience in remediation, reinstatement, and restoration options, including working alongside restoration companies and manufacturers to ensure that any restoration option includes recertification and reinstatement of existing warranties.

Before his time at Envista, Richard was employed in a research capacity assisting with cost validation and quantum, expert acquisition, and document analysis and review.

Richard Kempster

Richard Kempster

Manager of Technical Operations

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