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Welcome to Seven New Envista Experts in February

25 March 2022

Although February was a short month, Envista welcomed seven new experts to our continuously growing team! We added four new experts to the Civil/Structural team, two new experts to the Building Consulting team, and one new expert to the Digital Forensics team.

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

Ben Larkin

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (Birmingham, AL)

Ben is a Senior Building Consultant with over 18 years of experience as a property claims adjuster and 14 years as a Large Loss General Adjuster. He comes to Envista with intimate knowledge of what is required to move a file toward resolution, as well as an understanding of the subrogation process and gathering of information. Ben has worked closely with many of the large national subrogation firms and their attorneys and has built relationships with each over the past eighteen years. At Envista, Ben utilizes his extensive experience inspecting sites as an independent adjuster to provide repair estimates and assessments for building reconstruction, due to hail, hurricane, or other storm/catastrophe damage.

Fun Fact: As a child, I had aspirations of being a professional baseball player and grew up playing the game into high school and at a small college. Soon after my first game in college though, I realized it would be in my best interest to find another career path.

Chad Dinsmore, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Tustin, CA)

Chad is a Project Engineer with over 8 years of experience in building construction, structural design, and field engineering. He has been responsible for multiple custom homes in the Los Angeles area. His field experience includes vehicular impact cases, inspection of failing structural beams, fire damage, and foundation retrofit design, and creating as-built drawings of existing structures.

Fun Fact: My favorite part about engineering is being able to solve challenging problems with critical thinking and collaboration. One of the most rewarding things about being an engineer is finding an answer or coming up with a creative solution after hours of thinking and collaboration. Since engineering is technical and specialized, clients are not always aware of the value provided in the solutions. This gives the engineer a humble satisfaction in the work done. While most of my experience is in structural design, forensic engineering adds an element of exploration and investigation which keeps the job fresh and interesting.

John Gilbertson, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Minneapolis, MN)

John is a Project Engineer with over nine years of experience in the AEC industry. He is a licensed engineer with a well-rounded background in design, analysis, building inspection, emergency response investigation, team operations, and project management. With an extensive background in condition assessments, John has conducted investigations on buildings and structures in a variety of conditions. His broad industry experience and extensive structural knowledge establish him to objectively identify structural issues, systematically investigate root cause of failures, and effectively deliver comprehensive findings. At Envista, John provides consultations and evaluations within the Civil/Structural group.

Fun Fact: My favorite part about being an engineer is understanding the components of a building’s structural system and determining the location of failure in the load path. It’s like solving a giant puzzle.

Kyle Richards

Digital Forensic Analyst, Digital Forensics (Richmond, VA)

Kyle is a Digital Forensics Analyst assisting with business development and litigation support for clients. Kyle has an extensive background in the legal space spanning almost 15 years in the public sector. Prior to joining Envista, he served as an Investigator for the Office of the Attorney General in Virginia where he investigated cases in response to writs of actual innocence and was an Investigator with the Office of the Capital Defender for 12 years where he investigated death penalty eligible crimes and ancillary charges. Kyle has consulted on dozens of litigated matters and has extensive case experience as an investigator and is well versed in analyzing evidence.

Fun Fact: While I was an investigator with the Office of the Capital Defender, my office had a client who was charged with Capital Murder in a rural part of central Virginia. Several cell phones were confiscated by law enforcement and were to be used as evidence against my client. An extraction of several phones was provided to my office through discovery. Through an in-depth analysis of the phone extractions, cross-referencing phone calls/text messages incoming and outgoing, and plotting GPS points to a map, I discovered that my client could not have been at the scene of the crime. My office retained Spencer McInvaille with Envista Forensics to conduct his own analysis and his conclusions matched my own. The discovery was shared with the Commonwealth who maintained that they wished to continue with a trial. My client was acquitted of all charges following the presentation of the prosecution’s evidence in the case and he avoided the death penalty and is now a free man. 

Michael Marshall, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Atlanta, GA)

Michael is a Project Engineer with over 10 years of experience as a civil/structural engineer. He has extensive engineering experience leading small to large scale plant modifications for the nuclear industry, coupled with hands-on experience in investment real estate and renovations. At Envista, Michael utilizes his expertise to conduct thorough onsite examinations and forensic investigations to determine the cause and extent of damages and develop repair protocols.

Fun Fact: When I was a child, according to my mother, I aspired to be a pilot when I grew up.

Quint Robinson, PE

Senior Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Columbus, GA)

Quint is a Senior Project Engineer with over 12 years of experience in civil/structural engineering. He has spent most of that time in the design of metal buildings including athletic facilities, industrial complexes, and hangars. Quint has worked on building design to overcome hurdles faced during erection or during the service life of a building including investigations to failures and solutions for remediation. At Envista, Quint provides our Civil/Structural team with specialized knowledge of low-rise industrial buildings while also having a breadth of experience across both design and forensic industries.

Fun Fact: I’m fairly new to forensic engineering, but one of the most interesting projects I worked on was the failure of a metal building. The structure was a tennis facility that failed during erection. The problem was that they hadn’t installed the bracing before a wind event. The positive was that it led us to find an issue that wouldn’t have been discovered if it hadn’t failed. The anchor bolts were improperly installed through an epoxy method without the required depth.

Robert Johnsen

Senior Building Consultant, Building Consulting (New York)

Robert is a Senior Building Consultant with over 30 years of experience in contracting and construction. He engages the most advanced equipment technology has to offer to effectively collect and analyze data used to devise fair and cost-effective estimates. Robert's extensive experience includes high-end residential and commercial projects through coordinating trades, developing partnerships, and building positive rapport with architects, engineers, local officials, vendors, and clients while maintaining budgets and deadlines for completion. He is well-versed in design, layout, project estimating, document preparation, safety, building codes, regulations, material purchasing, and manufacturing of fine furniture/cabinetry. At Envista, he lends his expertise in project management and construction to the Building Consulting group.

Fun Fact: At an early age, I was always interested in understanding how things worked. I remember taking many things apart just to put them back together again. If they still worked, it was a big bonus! I remember one day, I took apart my dad’s gold watch while he was at work and I was not intimidated when I took the back cover off and saw all those gears and springs. I proceeded to dive right in, removing a couple of screws, and then everything just fell out of the watch. My dad was not a happy camper when he got home.

I also remember working with my Dad or Grandfather, helping them do projects around the house. I soon discovered I had a natural ability to work with my hands. I began taking woodworking in school making tables, bookshelves, and truly came to love the craft. For one school project, (when I was only in sixth grade) I made a pair of wooden candlesticks on a wood lathe. The school sent them to Coppertown, NY as they were displayed in their State Fair. My mom cherished them for years until she passed, and I still possess them and other pieces today.

As I got older, I worked as an apprentice for a general contractor that specialized in custom kitchens and bathrooms. I worked there for several years to further learn the trade. I soon opened my own general contracting company and within several years, I started manufacturing my own cabinetry and custom furniture.

Welcome to the team!

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