Envista understands that for insurers, it is not just about saving money; it is about expediting claims, finding the truth, serving the insured, and reducing uncertainty.

Specialized Expertise for the Insurance Industry

We know you need to react quickly and collect the necessary data and critical evidence needed to determine value, repair, fault, or even litigious potential. With the size and growing complexity of claims today, the types of experts needed range in the hundreds from the origin and cause to failure analysis, fraud investigation, construction, catastrophe, digital forensics, and so many more. Our global presence allows us to take advantage of the many industry leaders around the world to collaborate and provide real-time answers.

Among our many clients are:

  • Property adjusters
  • Casualty and liability adjusters and examiners
  • Boiler and machinery specialists
  • Inland and ocean marine surveyors
  • Subrogation and recovery professionals
  • SIU (Special Investigation Units)
  • Lloyd's of London market

Envista can offer consultation to insurance industry professionals through:

  • Forensic engineering and failure analysis
  • Construction consulting
  • Digital forensics services
  • Cost analysis for repair/replacement through equipment loss consultants
  • Damage assessments of buildings and structures
  • Fraud and subrogation expertise
  • Equipment restoration and preventive maintenance assistance through our AREPA division
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