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Envista Forensics Launches Construction Consulting Practice in Sydney

Sydney, Australia – 26 april 2022

Envista Forensics, a global forensic consulting firm, announced today that they are launching a national construction consulting practice out of their Sydney office, with plans to expand locations throughout the country.

Envista has employed leaders within forensic construction consulting for decades, including well-known industry experts across the globe. However, Envista’s construction practice has not had a large footprint in Australia, until now.

“It’s a great strategic complement to the work we already do for our clients on the failure analysis side,” said Christina Lucas, President, Envista Forensics. “With this addition, we’ve rounded out our suite of services to better meet the growing demand, especially with weather-related incidents, like the most recent flood.”

Mark Williamson, with a long history in construction forensics, will be leading the practice. “I joined Envista at the start of the year, and I can see how passionate their people are, and how they care about their clients,” said Williamson, Managing Director, Construction Services, Envista Forensics. “Helping to grow the construction team has been very exciting.”

Envista delivers forensic expertise for any need, to any location, and that’s been their mission since they opened their Sydney location in February of 2017.

“We just celebrated our five-year anniversary,” said Marco Soto, Managing Director, Oceania, Envista Forensics. “It’s been great to see the quick growth, including the expansion into Melbourne, and now the launch of construction services. Although we’ve been able to offer these services in the past, we haven’t had a chance to offer at the volume we can now. It’s a really exciting time.”

Envista’s construction team assists clients with assignments involving civil and structural analyses, construction defects, quantity surveying, building consulting, and contract work losses. Learn more at

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