Når der sker skade på konstruktioner er vores tværfaglige team af eksperter i stand til at levere løsninger som medtager alle forhold af hændelsen. Vi kan identificere årsagen, omfanget, omkostninger samt tilbyde projektstyring og alt fra reparation til renovering.

Construction Consulting Services

Our construction teams consist of subject matter experts and forensic engineers who have a vast background in all areas of the construction process. Many of our experts are former designers, architects, engineers, builders, or contractors, which means they have the knowledge and skills you need, and they understand the inner workings, the context, the codes, the design, and the materials.

Since Envista is an engineering firm with hundreds of experts across the board, we can support our clients with any loss, no matter the size, type, specialty, severity, or location. We have access to some of the top experts in their fields who devote their entire careers to aiding clients with the most common to the most unique types of losses.

Global Construction Consulting Services

Our global presence and immense network of engineers and consultants mean that we can collaborate with some of the top minds in the industry and provide you with quick answers, all while remaining your single point of contact.

Who We Serve

Incidents involving new or established construction can be both catastrophic and complex. Our firm is here to support you every step of the way, regardless of the size of the event or what sector you serve. Our client portfolio is diverse, from insurers to contractors, owners, and attorneys. Because of our objective and unbiased approach, our trust in the industry is well-established no matter who we represent on a case, and it allows us to collaborate with the market to fully understand any incident or event in its entirety.

Technology, Reporting, and Consistent Communication

Envista utilizes the latest technology to seamlessly gather facts and catalog evidence to complete the most reliable reporting. However, because certainty comes from more than the final report, our subject matter experts and engineers work alongside you with consistent communication and transparency to offer a clear explanation of all findings and provide consultative steps to keep you and your client moving forward. We understand you want answers and we are here through every step of the process.

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High End Hotel London Header
High End Hotel Fire, London
In June 2018 a high-end hotel in  London suffered a fire. Envista was appointed to assist with the mechanical and electrical engineering as well as to assess the quantum and cost of damage to a luxury hotel with 10 floors including 178 high-end rooms, apartments and two penthouses.
High End Hotel London Header
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Vi har eksperter i mange tekniske discipliner fordelt over hele verden. Kontakt os, så vi kan finde den rigtige ekspert til opgaven.

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Vores job er at løse komplekse udfordringer for vores kunder ved skadehændelser. Vi servicerer virksomhedsejere, små som store og uanset, hvor det er henne i verden og uagtet af, hvilket problem de står overfor.