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Envista Forensics Grows Global Team with Addition of Three New Experts in May

03 juni 2021

Envista welcomes three new experts and engineers across the U.S. to our Digital Forensics, Electrical, and Specialty divisions. We are excited about the growth in both personnel and divisional expertise with the addition of the following experts last month.

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

Tom Button, PE

Project Engineer, Electrical (Milford, VA)

Tom Button joins Envista’s Electrical division as Project Engineer. He has six years of experience with industrial, electrical, and control systems. Tom has worked on all phases of the design and testing of power and telemetry sounding rocket subsystems, including satellite communications subsystem performance monitoring, specs and requirements, budgeting, contracts, and spectrum management. Prior to becoming an engineer, Tom worked in the plumbing field, running stacks, soldering pipes, and pre-fabrication work making diverters for new apartments.

Josh Lorencz, C.C.O, C.M.F.F, C.A.S.A, CERT-F

Digital Forensics Examiner, Digital Forensics (Dallas, TX)

Digital Forensics Engineer, Josh Lorencz, joins Envista’s Digital Forensics division. Josh has over 16 years of experience in law enforcement and spent 7 of those years working in digital forensics. During that time, he acquired over 660 hours of training in the field of digital forensics and handled hundreds of matters. He also has experience testifying as an expert witness in local and federal courts. Prior to joining Envista, Josh built a computer forensics lab that provided services to an agency of 125 employees and extended those services to other colleagues statewide.

Kristin Striber

Forensic Laboratory Technician, US Forensics (Detroit, MI)

Kristin Striber joins Envista as a Forensic Laboratory Technician. She has over 6 years of laboratory experience in both chemistry and biological sciences. Previously, Kirstin has had opportunities to work with a wide variety of scientific instrumentation and gained experience in analysis techniques, such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and infrared spectrometry.

Welcome to the team!

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