Pro Football Stadium: Business Interruption Due to Incorrect Paint Usage

19 september 2022

Envista was engaged on a case after a professional American football league was forced to cancel a game scheduled to be played live on national television with thousands of fans in the stadium moments before kick-off.

The safety and playability of the field were called into question by the medical staff for both teams and the officiating staff. The problem was with the surface condition of the turf field where lines, numbering, and logos were applied to the field. During the pre-game warm-ups, it was clear that the playing surface in the painted areas was slippery and not safe for play.  The surface was described as "hard," and the players’ cleats were not able to function as intended on the surface.

Immediate remedial attempts were made to correct the playing surface by field staff, including mechanical scrubbing of the painted surface, with no good outcome. With a televised game cancellation, refunds for spectator tickets, hotels, sponsorships, and many others became a growing number which turned into an insurance claim. Business interruption was certainly a factor in the total exposure.  

The Investigation

The next day, Envista’s Expert Alliance began to investigate the condition of the existing synthetic turf, determine the cause of the problem and recommend a clear path to move forward.

Envista led a scientific investigation to determine the cause of the unacceptable field conditions identified on the scheduled game day. Envista’s technical team consisted of a landscape architect with a sports field speciality, as well as a paint and coatings expert working efficiently on the evaluation. Samples of the turf and the paint were collected for evaluation in the laboratory. Once the deficiencies were identified, a report was expedited to our client.


Envista identified that the wrong paint was used on the field. It is very important that proper paint is used when coating a sports field. There are special products to be used on synthetic turf fields versus natural turf fields. Envista provided specifications for removal and disposal of the existing field, regrading and compaction of the stone base and installation of a new synthetic turf surface. Most importantly, Envista outlined maintenance and grooming procedures, including game-day certification standards, to be used by the pro football facility staff for any future events in the stadium.

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