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Konstruktion - tvist mellem parter

Whenever unforeseen or changed conditions, circumstances, or events occur on a construction project, there is an inherent effect on the construction moving forward and consequently, the duration and cost to complete the work. With their tangible field experience, Envista's experts understand the principles and processes that govern a construction project and appreciate the challenges and risks that can impact and prevent the efficient and effective progression of work.

Our experienced construction claims team facilitates the process by establishing cause and effect relationships and the allocation of responsibility supported by demonstrated entitlement.

What is Construction Dispute Resolution?

Construction claims or construction disputes occur when one party believes damage has been done by another party and demands its contractual rights by seeking entitlement to an extension of contract time or compensation.

Construction Dispute Resolution Services

Distinct and unique elements exist within every construction project. Claims not only require independent analysis of contributing factors and knowledge of fundamental methodologies but also some out-of-the-box thinking to demonstrate and support the extent of damages incurred. Through careful application of schedule logic, critical path analysis, labor and equipment expenditures analysis, earned value assessments, and forensic document review, our construction claims experts deliver supporting documentation on the conditions and circumstances that impacted construction and the result they had on schedule and productivity.

Construction Dispute Claims

Given that Envista has numerous specialty practices, we have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of other in-house engineers, such as civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical, to thoroughly examine claims and provide the most accurate report and assessment. We are well-rounded and well-versed to provide expertise from all perspectives of a case.

Our construction dispute assessment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Claim preparation and evaluations
  • Critical path method (CPM)
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Loss of productivity assessments
  • Project advisory
  • Quantification of damages
  • Schedule preparation and updates
  • Cost analysis
  • Delay and impact analysis
  • Impact of change analysis
  • Performance trend and earned value assessments
  • Project monitoring
  • Risk mitigation and managing change

Who Can Benefit from Construction Claim and Dispute Services?

Clients we provide construction claim and dispute services to include:

  • Construction managers
  • General contractors
  • Insurers and adjusters
  • Legal counsel
  • Owners and developers
  • Project managers
  • Subcontractors
  • Sureties
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