Damaged Home After Tsunami And Earthquake

Storm, vand og skybrudsskader

Each year, millions of dollars of storm-related damage claims are filed all over the world. Whether it's a tornado outbreak across America's Great Plains, an isolated flood in a low-lying region of the U.K., or a tsunami impacting coastal regions of southeast Asia, storms can damage property in a number of ways.

Wind and storm damage is the most common type of damage faced by homes, buildings, and other structures, and they can happen in an instant. Following a storm incident, Envista's expert civil and structural engineers perform thorough and accurate inspections of properties for storm-related damages to determine the cause, origin, and extent of the damage.

Our engineers can examine damage from:

  • Flood
  • Hurricane
  • Typhoon
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Tornado
  • Tsunami

Envista's Storm Damage Engineers and Experts

Without warning, Mother Nature's creative and controlling force can unleash extraordinary weather conditions, leaving behind extensive storm damage to homes or businesses. Envista consultants and engineers are intimately familiar with the claims process and have worked numerous large-scale catastrophe response events, year after year.

Our experts can assist all involved parties in recovering from their losses by providing:

  • 3D image site documentation
  • Damage and failure analysis
  • Drone operations
  • Equipment restoration and decontamination
  • Power outage mapping
  • Cause and origin investigation
  • Damage, cost, and repair estimates
  • Equipment loss consulting
  • Litigation support
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