Envista Forensics Announces Key Employee Promotions

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ATLANTA, Ga.- October 4, 2019 – Envista Forensics, a globally recognized leader of multidisciplinary forensic consulting services for the insurance, legal and risk management industries recently announced several promotions.

Scott Broad, a 20-year forensic engineering and transportation industry veteran who held the role of Vice President of Envista’s Canadian operations was promoted to Regional Director and will manage the eastern half of the United States.

Nick Jannetto, a 20-year forensic engineering and energy industry expert was promoted from Senior Vice President of Mechanical/Electrical Engineering to Regional Director and will manage the western half of the United States. Jannetto has been with Envista since 2010, holding various roles from Senior Technical Consultant to Senior Complex Loss Consultant.

Broad joined Envista in 2016, prior to which he spent over a two decades as a forensic fire investigator and an engineer in the rail transportation industry. 

“These promotions reflect our company’s commitment to excellence in customer service and providing meaningful career paths for our team members”, said Bob Wedoff, President of Envista Forensics.  He went on to add, “We have built a high performing team that requires we recruit, retain and recognize individuals for their leadership and contributions. Scott and Nick exemplify our company’s core values and are passionate team players who consistently develop new strategies to exceed clients’ expectations.”

In addition to Jannetto and Broad, Mike Driscoll, Van Fisher and Wes Grandlienard have been appointed as Technical Directors, responsible for the continuing growth and development of the company’s Fire & Explosion, Civil/Structural Engineering and Electrical Engineering service lines, respectively.

 “Mike, Van and Wes are consummate thought leaders, recognized both within Envista and externally in the insurance and legal industries, for their commitment to excellence, passion for leveraging technology and enthusiasm for providing customized, trusted solutions for clients following challenging claims and disputes,” commented Don Skaff, Executive Vice President of Envista Forensics.

Wedoff added, “These promotions are a vital part of a larger plan to better align our services with customers at the local level.  While all of the Envista team members, on which our clients have come to depend upon, are still very much with our firm, we have tailored our structure to further enhance responsiveness and value.”

About Envista Forensics

Envista is a global leader in forensic engineering & recovery solutions, providing failure analysis, fire and explosion investigations, digital forensics, accident reconstruction, building consulting, geotechnical engineering, damage evaluations and equipment restoration services following disasters of all kinds.

Envista has served the insurance, legal and risk management industries for over 30 years. Their experts travel globally from over 30 offices located across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

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