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Latest News

Envista Boosts Cellular Forensics Services with Forensics Radio Frequency Surveys for Cell Tower Service Verification

Envista Forensics announces an enhancement to their cell phone forensics services with a form of cell tower verification known as forensics radio frequency s...

Envista Forensics Hires Scott G. Nacheman as Practice Leader Major Loss

Envista Forensics announced today that Scott G. Nacheman, MSc.Eng., AIA will join their Major Loss group as Practice Leader.

Envista Featured in Claims Journal: Forensics Firm Says Disinfectant Foggers Can Damage Electronics

Fogging, a common practice as businesses reopen after COVID-19 closures, may contain chemicals that can be corrosive and damage sensitive electronic equipmen...

Canary Joins Envista’s Major Loss Group as Technical Lead, Fire & Explosion

Envista announced today that Larry Canary, Vice President of Fire & Explosion for their European offices, will now join the North America Major Loss Group as...