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Envista Featured in Claims Journal: Forensics Firm Says Disinfectant Foggers Can Damage Electronics

26 May 2020

Claims Journal featured Envista Forensics whitepaper, The Harmful After-Effects of Disinfecting Fogging Agents on Electronic and Electrical Equipment, in a news release, detailing Materials Scientist, Carlos Garcia's, findings on corrosion and electrical failures due to disinfecting fogging agents.

Harmful After-Effects of Fogging

With the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, concerns regarding high-touch surface safety have become top-of-mind. These concerns have caused increased use of disinfecting chemicals and techniques by educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, airlines and other entities that are inadvertently introducing these chemicals into equipment containing sensitive electronic circuitry.

Disinfecting is critical, but business owners must take caution and turn off all devices and cover them before fogging. If that is not possible, disinfectants must be applied by hand instead. While hand-wiping disinfection techniques allow a controlled spread of the utilized solution, fogging causes widespread exposure in the area applied. Equipment designed to be cooled with fans will draw in the airborne agents and moisture, introducing the fogging chemical into sensitive electronic modules.

Learn more about the impact disinfectant fogging can have on electrical equipment.  Read the full article.

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