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Water Damage to Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

16 marzo 2022

Envista was called in to investigate fugitive water that impacted a Cardiovascular Ultrasound (echo) machine located within a room that had a punctured water pipe.

The insured was concerned that the water and moisture may have caused accelerated corrosion and future contamination-related reliability issues to the echo machine.

Envista’s equipment loss consulting team carried out an internal inspection by visually examining internal components, such as the PCBs (printed circuit boards), continuity testing, and wipe sample analysis. 

The inspection did not reveal presence of water, physical damages, or flash oxidation on the surface of circuit-level components and modules.  Other than the presence of watermarks on the exterior surfaces of some components observed during Envista’s inspection, no damages were confirmed. 

The cost to replace part of the equipment and decontaminate other affected parts would come to a total of $11,000, far less than the claimed $200,000 for replacement of the entire equipment.

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Acerca del autor
Arash Hajjam
Arash Hajjam, PhD, PE, CFEI
Principal Consultant

Dr. Arash Hajjam is a Principal Consultant within Envista’s Electrical group. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Hajjam provides forensic electrical engineering and fire investigation services, conducts extensive investigations, onsite examinations, and can provide opinions as to the cause and scope of damage including repair estimates.

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