The global healthcare sector underwent enormous pressure in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted the workforce, infrastructure, and supply chain, while forcing all health systems to adjust and innovate over a very short period of time.

For stakeholders in the healthcare industry, everything is changing, with care models and digital transformation being emerging trends. Amidst so much change, there is also heightened risk, making health care providers and companies extremely susceptible to unforeseen, catastrophic events.

If in the midst of these tumultuous times, your facility or institution has been impacted by a disaster, such as a critical equipment failure, fire, flood, contamination, natural disaster, or injury, we can help. For over three decades, the experts and engineers at Envista Forensics have provided leading investigative and forensic damage assessment services following incidents involving medical and health care equipment, systems, and structures.

We have responded to some of the world's largest healthcare disasters, from direct tornado strikes to wildfires, floods, and damage to critical infrastructure. Many of Envista's experts and engineers come from the healthcare industry, having worked for manufacturers or institutions. We use their specialised depth of experience to provide unrivalled mitigation solutions.

Our industry-leading experts can assist with investigations surrounding:

  • Construction or civil/structural assessments or defects
  • Damage assessment and cost of repair
  • Digital forensics
  • Electrical or mechanical equipment failures
  • Environmental and industrial hygiene
  • Equipment consulting
  • Fire and explosions
  • Imaging equipment
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Injury
  • Liability or subrogation
  • Material science
  • Mitigation and restoration

Whether you need a fire cause and origin expert, an electrical engineer, or a niche expert specializing in medical imaging and diagnostics, Envista is here to help you, so you can continue to help others.

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inkjet printing press
Water Damage to Inkjet Press Machine
At a printing facility in Minneapolis, it was reported that an inkjet printing press unit used for commercial printing purposes had incurred water damages as a result of a roof leak.
inkjet printing press
ransomware alert
Post-Ransomware Cost Review
After a mid-sized manufacturing company encountered a ransomware attack that encrypted production data, Envista's Data Loss Consulting team was brought in to confirm the attack and determine the cost to remediate the damage.
ransomware alert
data center
University Data Center
During construction, a contractor damaged a transformer that supplied power to the data center, and an Envista Data Loss Consulting expert was called in to investigate the damage. 
data center
Rapid Deployment of Large-Scale Inventory and Inspection Project
A major manufacturer and distributor of electronics operates a series of large warehouses. In early 2020, one of these warehouses was damaged in a CAT event, resulting in a partial collapse of the warehouse.
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