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Envista Welcomes Five New Experts in February

17 March 2023

In the short month of February, Envista welcomed five new experts to our team in the US and Canada.

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

Dirk Carvajal, PE

Regional Technical Leader, Civil/Structural (Houston, TX)

Dirk Carvajal is a Regional Technical Leader with over 24 years of engineering experience in the design, analysis, construction observation, and forensic investigation of a wide variety of construction types in various locations and environments throughout the United States. He has been involved in structural cases involving damage assessments, water intrusion, construction defects, the collapse of structures, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), foundation failures, site drainage, and roofs. Dirk is experienced in performing failure investigations and providing facilities engineering consulting services associated with structural failures involving concrete, steel, and wood structures.

Greg Marty, CFI, CFEI, ECT, CFPE

Senior Fire Consultant, Fire & Explosion (Rock Island, IL)

Greg Marty is a Senior Fire Consultant with over 20 years of experience as a firefighter, lieutenant, and captain. Greg is currently Rock Island’s Fire Marshal and oversees the Fire Prevention Bureau. He has been a fire investigator since 2011 and an arson investigator since 2015. Greg has led a team of fire and arson investigators since being promoted to Fire Marshal in 2013 and has been actively involved in over 600 investigations. He has given expert courtroom testimony for origin and cause in multiple court cases including criminal cases. Greg has a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and earned the National Fire Academy, Fire Administration and Management designation. He holds the NAFI-CFEI and the IAAI-CFI certifications and is a National Fire Protection Agency, Certified Fire Plans Examiner with extensive knowledge and background in building construction and code requirements. He is also an instructor for the University of Illinois, Fire Service Institute in the Fire Investigation Program.

Fun Fact: My favorite part about being a fire investigator is the challenge of seeking out every available data point regarding a particular loss and using that information to help discover the events that caused that fire to occur. Because of my background in the fire service, I am very empathetic to those who have suffered a loss and I take pride in working thoroughly and efficiently to help them recover from the loss as fast as reasonably possible. 

Jeffrey Anderson, CFI, FIT, CFEI

Senior Consultant, Fire & Explosion (Raleigh, NC)

Jeffrey Anderson is a Senior Fire and Explosion Consultant with over 28 years of experience in the building construction and fire investigation fields. He has specialized knowledge in fire codes, inspections, and plan reviews, as well as expertise in fire investigations involving vehicles, heavy equipment, structures, wildland, and marine vehicles. Jeffrey has experience working with building systems including fire suppression, fire alarms, life safety systems and components, egress systems, and other fire code-related systems. He is certified/licensed with the International Association of Arson Investigators as CFI-V, FIT, ECT and instructor. He is also certified through the National Association of Fire and Explosion Investigators as a CFEI. He has certifications as Fire Inspector and Plans Reviewer through both the NFPA and ICC.

Fun Fact: When I first started searching for a career, I wanted to be a welder and machinist. I did that for a few years and went into the construction field before I transitioned into the fire service. Now, it's my passion to take a fire clack and dissect it to determine the area of origin and then possibly the cause of the fire. 

Karl Schumacher, BTech, BEng, MASc, E.I.T.

Consultant, Equipment Loss Consulting (Toronto, ON)

Karl Schumacher is a Consultant specializing in Equipment Loss Consulting at Envista. Karl has over 15 years of experience in industrial machine service and design, technical product support, and troubleshooting. 

Fun Fact: One of the most interesting losses I have worked on was from unionized employees at a company that set a machine on fire to protest working conditions.

Kristopher Cosme, CFEI, FIT, ECT

Consultant, Fire & Explosion (Columbus, OH)

Kristopher Cosme is a Fire and Explosion Consultant with over eight years of experience in law enforcement and fire investigation. He has specialized experience in investigative techniques, interview/interrogation, fire and explosion investigation, vehicles, heavy equipment, and wildland/brush fires. Kristopher is experienced with fire codes, fire suppression systems, alarm systems, and life safety systems and components. He is also certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators as a CFEI and the International Association of Arson Investigators as a FIT and ECT.

Fun Fact: When I was younger I wanted to be a firefighter. I always wanted to help others in need and found firefighters to be my role models. At age 19, I wanted to become an Illinois State Fire Marshal and conduct fire investigations to piece the puzzle together and help those affected by fires get back to normal.

Welcome to the team!

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