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Our construction team consists of leading, global subject matter experts whose experience and expertise bring a vast background to all areas of the construction process. Our team provides clients with one point of contact to provide the skills and support required to take on any incident no matter the size, type, speciality, severity, or location.

How We Support You

Envista's expertise is something we hang our hat on. We provide property owners, developers, and their consultants and engineers with extremely niche speciality skills and technologies. Our expert's careers are devoted to their areas of experience, their respective industries, and their clients. They provide sound analyses, findings, and the level of certainty clients need to make informed decisions.

We understand how important it is for clients to work with someone they can trust and whose opinions and recommendations they can rely on. Someone who can help navigate the process and grasp the various circumstances, conditions, and vents that can affect a construction project. Our team is skilled at counselling clients and has helped thousands to arrive at the best possible resolutions.


Our experts can assist clients with assessing the scope of the damage, identifying areas of risk or potential mitigation, origin and cause, cost evaluations, project management, restoration and repair, assessing the impact on construction and productivity moving forward, delayed start-up, and project completion options. Our global consultants are here to offer advice and help clients facilitate the complexities of the process by evaluating incidents or claims to quantify and assess fair and reasonable entitlement and bring confidence to decision-making.

Client Portfolio

Our client portfolio is diverse, from owners to insurers, contractors, consultants, surety firms, and attorneys. Our objective, independent, and unbiased approach strengthens our position of credibility and trust in the industry. By servicing and having experience across multiple sectors, we consistently continue to grow our expertise so we can fully understand the incidents and events that may occur and provide the best counsel to our clients.


Envista's experts can assist clients with:

  • Assessing the scope of damage
  • Origin and cause
  • Project management
  • Assessing the impact on construction and productivity moving forward
  • Identifying areas of risk or potential mitigation
  • Cost evaluations
  • Restoration and repair
  • Delayed start-up and project completion options
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We have experts in multiple disciplines all around the world. Talk to us and we'll help you find the right expert for the job.

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