When it comes to choosing the right forensic engineer or expert, you want a company that is forward-thinking, using the latest technology, and developing trends in the field. At Envista Forensics, technology is part of our everyday life and at the forefront, enhancing everything that we do.

Our findings in the field are enhanced by technology. Our employees are more efficient because of access to new and innovative technology. Our reports not only showcase our findings but use technology to capture and preserve a loss site, so you can see exactly what our engineers and experts see out in the field.

Forensics Technology

Technology is at the forefront of what Envista does and the center of the world we live in today. We supply our experts with the latest in technology and advanced equipment for inspections and investigations, including:

We make sure our forensics labs use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. We utilize 3D imaging for onsite modeling. Our engineers work with forms of AI, UAV, and virtual reality to provide the quickest and most accurate forms of analysis.

When you choose a company or expert to help you with a case or claim, it's because you believe they will offer you trusted solutions. We work to be a leader when it comes to adopting developing trends in the market. We take pride in our commitment to providing the very best, including using technological tools and enhancements to benefit our clients.

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