General Counsel

In-house lawyers face a unique array of challenges. They must be intimately familiar with the core business of their company, while at the same time having to respond to the company's needs the very moment an issue arises. As internal counsel, they are expected to have expertise in a diverse array of legal fields so they can respond to whatever challenges the day brings, be it human resource issues, employment law, potential litigation, or internal investigations.

Planning and Preparation

Making critical decisions, often in rapid succession, is challenging in any profession when a developing situation arises. Envista's experts can assist in-house counsel to develop plans before an incident occurs. We have hundreds of subject matter experts who can assist general counsel by:

  1. Identifying potential sources of evidence that would otherwise go unnoticed by someone without in-depth knowledge of the particular expertise.

  2. Assist internal counsel in determining the scope of the investigation including identifying potential witnesses, relevant time periods, and evidence handling.

  3. Interviewing of witnesses. For example, when general counsel needs to question an information technology professional, an expert from our digital forensics division can assist in conducting part of the interview, preparing questions for counsel, explaining technical concepts in plain language, and identifying potential pitfalls before they become a reality.

Evidence Preservation

Our experts treat every matter as if it could go to trial. The foundation of all forensic disciplines revolves around proper evidence handling and preservation. Our experts can assist inside counsel in determining if self-collecting of evidence is possible or if the only spoilation-proof way to protect the evidence is to have it performed by an independent third-party expert.

  1. Our experts can assist inside counsel in preparing the technical portions of protocols, procedures, and guidelines before an event occurs so that inside counsel is prepared when a situation arises.
  2. Our experts can assist in securing essential evidence quickly. For example, if it is determined that an internal investigation is needed, our team of digital forensics experts can forensically image, or copy, computers, mobile phones, cloud-based data, archives, shared drives, and email servers using forensic software and hardware so that the integrity of the evidence is above reproof.


Our experts perform investigations in thousands of matters every year. When a situation arises where an investigation is deemed pertinent, our experts can assist counsel through the entire process, even if the matter goes into litigation. Our experts also have extensive experience working on complex matters where both inside and outside counsel are used during an investigation, often under strict guidelines and tight time frames.

Reporting and Expert Testimony

When it comes time to share the findings of an investigation, our seasoned experts are ready to assist inside counsel with explaining the technical issues in plain language, whether that's to the CEO, the board of directors, or in a court of law to the triers of fact. We may use technology to help tell the story, which could include 3D forensic imaging or the use of trial graphics.

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