The semiconductor industry powers modern technology and is essential for future developments in artificial intelligence (AI), advanced wireless networks such as 5G, and quantum computing. Challenges today such as disruptions to global supply chains, rising costs associated with innovative semiconductor manufacturing and design, and geopolitical instability place increased pressure on this essential industry. With these myriad external threats applying pressure to the semiconductor industry, any unforeseen incidents to manufacturing facilities or equipment could be catastrophic.

Semiconductor Experts

If a serious incident, such as a fire, chemical contamination, or explosion is impacting your production, Envista's team of experienced semiconductor experts can assist. Our consultants and engineers have decades of experience working with all aspects of semiconductor design, from silicon ingot manufacturing and semiconductor wafer fabrication to integrated circuit assembly, photovoltaic module manufacturing, and hard disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) manufacturing.

When an incident occurs, you need to determine what happened and why. Envista's root-cause investigations provide you with the independent subject-matter expertise needed to mitigate your loss and return to business.

Our expert semiconductor industry investigation services include:

  • Fire origin and cause investigation
  • Electrical and electronic failure causation
  • Structural and mechanical system failure assessments
  • Control system logic fault diagnosis
  • Metallurgical and chemical testing
  • Verification and validating of damaged Work in Progress (WIP)
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Case Studies
Beachfront Condominium Flood Damage from Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian made landfall on the Southwest coast of Florida in September 2022. Ian, a category 4 hurricane, delivered winds upwards of 155 mph, a storm surge of up to 14 feet, and rainfalls totaling 18-22 inches in some areas of the state. Envista was retained to conduct an inspection and evaluation of damage...
adobestock 178073396
Water Damage to a Surgical Suite
Envista was retained to determine the cause and extent of damage to a surgical suite and storage room filled with medical equipment were exposed to water due to an overhead pipe break.
adobestock 178073396
adobestock 229344139
Hazy Wine Due to Contamination
In 2020, two wineries based in Canada reported cloudiness in their wine following the bottling process performed by a mobile bottling company. Envista Forensics was retained, and we sent a specialty wine expert from our Expert Alliance to perform the investigation.
adobestock 229344139
High End Hotel London Header
High End Hotel Fire, London
In June 2018 a high-end hotel in  London suffered a fire. Envista was appointed to assist with the mechanical and electrical engineering as well as to assess the quantum and cost of damage to a luxury hotel with 10 floors including 178 high-end rooms, apartments and two penthouses.
High End Hotel London Header
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