Local and national governments have recently been faced with their largest challenges in over a century. As they recover from COVID-19 and other social and economic disruptions, government and its role as we knew it will never be the same. Trends in digital government, infrastructure, and overall service delivery illustrate the increasing demands of citizens on their governing bodies. While there are still major gaps between what customers have come to expect and the experience traditionally provided by the public sector, major strides are being made in this area.

As with any transformation, there are many risks, and during this time of recovery, restoration, and transformation, it is imperative that governments continue to function at current levels. Should local, regional, or national agencies be impacted by any type of additional catastrophic incident, the result could be paralyzing.

Envista Forensics has partnered with government agencies and public services for decades, providing unbiased investigative expertise following all kinds of disasters or disputes. We have helped government utilities recover after numerous hurricanes disabled entire power grids and have mobilized into wildfire-ravaged communities alongside first responders to assist with damage assessments.

Envista's experts and engineers have extensive experience in the public sector and share your passion for building and maintaining strong governments and institutions. Our multidisciplinary team is designed to handle a diverse array of projects, large and small, all over the world.

Services include:

  • Fire investigation
  • Electrical or mechanical investigation
  • Liability
  • Civil or structural analysis
  • Digital forensics
  • Equipment loss consulting and/or restoration
  • Transportation or biomechanics investigation
  • Expert witness services
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Case Studies
Major Equipment Loss at Printing Press
Envista's Major Loss team was called in to investigate damage to equipment at a printing press.
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Hail Damage to Residential Home
Envista’s Building Consulting team was retained to investigate the nature, extent, and cause of reported presence of hail on a high-end residential home.
adobestock 197139461
adobestock 222583178
Yacht Fire in a Marina
Envista Forensics was retained as the private fire investigator representing one of the main parties from a large yacht fire in a marina.
adobestock 222583178
farm satellite photo
Wind Damage to Farm Grain Bins
Following a windstorm, Envista was retained to investigate the nature, extent, and cause of reported damage to a large farm's grain bins.
farm satellite photo
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