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Such Great Heights! Envista Forensics Climb Trained Engineers

15 februar 2017

Envista Forensics is committed to the ongoing training and development of its engineers, experts and support staff. This commitment directly supports the Company's desires to provide development opportunities to all staff, as well as reinforces our corporate mission to provide the industry's highest skilled experts and consultants.

In efforts to address the many risks Energy industry stakeholders face, Envista has numerous Engineers trained for working at heights in accordance with the ANSI 490.1 criteria. These experts and engineers have achieved proficiency in the industrial safety, access and rescue training utilizing the ENSA APE System for self-rescue. This training is a necessary requirement to manage complex losses involving failures to wind turbines.

Envista’s Energy Practice Group members are leaders in their industry, providing expert consultation following claims involving control systems, boilers and pressure vessels, pumps and piping, turbines, generators, transformers, switchgear and many other components involved in the production and transmission of energy and power as well as the actual construction of the different plants and facilities.  Specifically as it relates to renewables, Envista Forensics' mechanical, electrical, structural and materials engineers have a depth of experience with systems such as solar panels, both CSR and PV, geothermal systems, wind energy equipment and biofuel systems. 

Our experts have experience with design, installation, operation and maintenance of these sophisticated mechanical and electrical systems, qualifying Envista Forensics as industry leading providers of damage assessment, reinstatement viability and cost validation, failure analysis and cause and origin services following incidents involving these complex systems.  

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