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Envista Forensics Announces Acquisition of Grecco Construction Consultants

02 august 2021

Envista Forensics, a global consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, announced today that they have acquired Grecco Construction Consultants, a leading national provider of building consulting services based in Memphis, Tenn. Grecco will become part of the Envista Forensics business line. With this announcement, Envista significantly enhances its capabilities, coverage, and strategic position as a leading provider of building consulting services.

Founded in 2011, Grecco’s team of industry-recognized building consultants have assisted clients with thousands of property evaluations following complex, catastrophic building and structural incidents. The firm’s commitment to delivering unrivaled customer service and tailored inspections have contributed to their technical excellence and consistent growth. Grecco’s leadership team will serve in pivotal roles throughout the acquisition and integration, as well in the resulting combined organization.

Christina Lucas, Envista Forensics' President, says “This acquisition is consistent with our customer-focused strategy and commitment to expanding our building consulting services in the USA and around the globe. The Grecco team complements our existing team of talented building consultants, and their services and capabilities allow us to strengthen our relationships with our insurance and corporate clients.” Lucas went on to add, “The Grecco team has an outstanding reputation in the industry for delivering exceptional customer service and a world-class work product. We look forward to incorporating their many strengths into our company.”

David Van Horn, Grecco Construction Consulting Vice President and Co-Founder, states “Envista Forensics is the insurance industry’s leading forensic consulting company and the ideal partner for our already-successful business. With Envista’s extensive service offerings and wide geographic reach, we will be able to significantly expand our product offerings, grow our client base, and increase the level of service we can provide to our clients. We are pleased to achieve this important milestone and look forward to working with the entire Envista team to realize the full potential of our collective organizations.”

When asked about the acquisition, Dan Grecco, Grecco Construction Consulting's President and Co-Founder, says “Without a doubt, Grecco’s most valuable asset is its people, and one of my greatest rewards has been providing our employees with an environment to grow themselves and our company. As we learned more about Envista and their people-centric culture, it became clear that it was not only a dynamic, growing firm but a great place to work with a similar service-oriented mindset. Together, we are a leading provider taking our combined services and expertise to an even higher level.”

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