Construction Expert Witness and Lawyers Consulted On Various Lawsuits

Ekspert vidne ved syn og skøn, voldgift i retssager

Construction claims are complex and having the right technical expertise can make all the difference in your case. Following a complex construction accident, incident or loss, allegation of liability or defective construction, cost, or repair, Envista is equipped to provide forensic reporting and testimony on any issues related to existing or newly constructed properties, or properties under construction.

Envista's construction consultants and engineers have proven knowledge and capabilities in all areas of the construction process. Many experts are former designers, architects, engineers, builders, or contractors, which means they have the knowledge and skills you need, and they also understand the inner workings, the context, the codes, the design, and the materials of construction.

Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support

Our construction experts understand the full spectrum of client needs, from managing the nuances of complex, multi-disciplinary matters all the way down to the smallest technical details. We match experts based on their background and specialty experience. Our assigned expert witnesses are reliable industry experts with the ability to communicate technical subject matter through reporting and testimony that's easily digestible and understood to both our clients and the trier of fact.

Envista's experts have the ability to provide testimony and litigation support, both in person and virtually, following incidents involving:

  • Construction accidents
  • Construction disputes
  • Forensic construction investigations
  • Construction defect
  • Construction resting
  • Maintenance and management

Construction cases are among the most complex types of litigation and require a fusion of expert engineering and construction practices. Visit our expert directory to learn more about Envista's construction consultants, their expert witness services, and view our other areas of expertise.

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