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PT&C|LWG Announces Acquisition of Guardian Digital Forensics

04 mayo 2016

Grover Davis, CEO of PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting Services (“PT&C|LWG”), announced today the acquisition of Raleigh, N.C. based Guardian Digital Forensics (“Guardian”), a leading provider of digital forensics services to civil/criminal defense legal professionals and the insurance claims industry. 

With this announcement, PT&C|LWG, known globally as a top provider of forensic engineering and recovery solutions to insurance claims and legal professionals, reinforces their strategic goals for expanding service offerings into the civil/criminal legal defense market. 
“Guardian Digital Forensics is a leader in the very competitive digital forensics industry, and we are honored to have their wonderful team joining the PT&C|LWG family,” said Mr. Davis. “In addition to performing exceptional work in an ever-growing industry, Larry Daniel and the entire Guardian team share in PT&C|LWG’s commitment to our cultural vision and dedication to providing the highest quality customer service no matter where in the world it may be needed.”
Bob Wedoff, President, commented, “The insurance claims and litigation industries have evolved dramatically, and continue to do so, given the reliance of businesses and individuals on digital media. In our continual efforts to serve the ever-changing needs of our clients, PT&C|LWG is delighted to broaden our current service offering with best-in-class certified, court-tested digital forensic examiners.” He went on to add, “Guardian’s reputation in the civil/criminal defense market is industry-recognized, and we’re pleased to be positioned so as to strengthen this brand and our digital forensic service offering under the Guardian Digital Forensics brand.”
“It would be an understatement to say that the Guardian team is excited to be joining the PT&C|LWG family. When searching for a strategic partner, it became obvious that PT&C|LWG’s business approach and commitment to their people, clients and long-term growth is directly in line with Guardian’s culture and outlook,” commented Larry Daniel, CEO of Guardian. 

About PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting (currently Envista Forensics)

PT&C|LWG is a global leader in forensic engineering & recovery solutions. We provide failure analysis, fire and explosion investigations, digital forensics, accident reconstruction, building consulting, geotechnical engineering, damage evaluations and equipment restoration services following disasters of all kinds. PT&C|LWG has served the insurance, legal and risk management industries for over 30 years. Our experts travel globally from over 30 offices located across the Canada, the USA, Latin America, the U.K., Singapore and New Zealand.
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