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Envista Welcomes Eight New Experts in June

22 julio 2022

In the month of June, Envista welcomed our largest group of new hires for all of 2022 thus far, with the addition of eight new experts! Our Building Consulting group grew by three new experts, our Civil/Structural group grew by two new experts, and our Mechanical/Electrical groups grew by three new experts. These new additions have joined us across the globe in the US, UK, and Australia.

Meet Envista’s Newest Additions!

Billy McAndrew

Senior Building Consultant (Austin, TX)

Mr. Billy McAndrew is a Senior Building Consultant with more than 15 years of progressive experience in the restoration and consulting industry and over 20 years of construction experience. Mr. McAndrew has been involved with insurance restoration projects ranging from residential homes and high-rise condominiums to hospitals, schools, offices, and retail structures. Mr. McAndrew’s building consulting assignments require detailed assessment and itemization of damages, detailed and accurate estimate development, coordination with specialized consultants, negotiation of scope of work and reconstruction costs to resolve high-end complex losses.

Prior to forensic consulting, Mr. McAndrew worked for one of the nation's largest disaster recovery and property restoration companies. Mr. McAndrew has managed and participated in over 4,500 water, mold, wind, and fire, residential and commercial mitigation, and reconstruction projects. During his tenure in property restoration, Mr. McAndrew held various roles, including Restoration Technician, Restoration Supervisor, Superintendent, Operations Manager, Regional Safety Coordinator, Project Manager and Project Estimator, Senior Estimator and Associate, before ascending to Assistant General Manager. At Envista, Mr. McAndrew utilizes his extensive experience to provide damage assessment and reconstruction estimating on a myriad of property losses from catastrophic weather events to daily water and fire claims.

Fun Fact: The farthest I've travelled was Florida to Nevada, and the longest time I've been away working on an investigation was 10 consecutive days.

Callum Aitken, BEng

Project Consultant, Electrical (London, UK)

Mr. Callum Aitken is a Project Consultant with over four years of experience working on hybrid and electric vehicles in the automotive industry and earned his BEng in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Additionally, he spent several of the last years working at Bentley Motors, developing an understanding of hardware and software and key knowledge for the electric vehicle charging equipment system, as well as the power electronics ECU. As a Project Consultant at Envista, Mr. Aitken will provide support to the Electrical group in the United Kingdom.

Fun Fact: As a child, I always wanted to become a pilot, unfortunately, I was not able to pursue this dream due to being colour blind. Now, as an engineer, my favourite part is getting into the detail of a component or a system to really understand how something operates. I love being able to look at something that I have never seen before, examine it, and complete research about it to finally be able to understand to a good level of detail how it works.

Clinton Fleming, PE

Senior Project Engineer, Electrical (Newark, NJ)

Mr. Clinton Fleming is a Senior Project Engineer with over 20 years of experience as an electrical engineer. He possesses a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, has created electrical design upgrades for companies, such as the New Jersey Transit System, and has performed electrical inspections, installation, and start-up of cellular site electrical systems. At Envista, Mr. Fleming will provide support to the Electrical group in the greater NJ/NYC area.

Fun Fact: An interesting investigation I worked on was a fire investigation involving a major loss at a large hotel involving the inspection of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment. 

Darcy Shaw, BEnvSc

Building Consultant (Sydney, Australia)

Mr. Darcy Shaw is a Building Consultant with over 10 years of experience in construction and environmental management. He is an expert in Australian geology, as well as knowledge of NSW and WA environmental legislation, knowledge of NSW building standards, and WH&S and quality improvement. At Envista, he will lend his project management, general construction, and contracting expertise to the Construction group in Sydney, Australia.

Eric Crabtree, PhD, PE

Senior Project Engineer, Mechanical (Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Eric Crabtree is a Senior Project Engineer with over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering. He has served as a design engineering manager and project manager and brings design, construction oversight, startup, and operations expertise to his projects. His experience includes commercial power, refinery specialty chemical, offshore oil and gas, industrial water and wastewater, pulp and paper, and consumer products. 

Fun Fact: I’m new to forensic engineering but have done some failure analyses in the past. In that role, I’ve travelled to China, Japan, and South Korea, but seldom for extended stays. The longest time away has been a couple of months working at a startup and training operators in Pennsylvania.

I worked on a failure of a set of mechanical pump seals. The seal was the third seal in line from the reactor fluid and was required to maintain a very low leak-by rate (less than a gallon per hour on a pump that moved 90,000 GPM at over 2,400 PSIG). It was failing to meet this standard after only one operating cycle (18 months). We worked with the seal vendor to determine the cause of failure and improve the seal. The seal was made of sintered silicon carbide and had laser-cut nano-scale features on it. When installed, it was exposed during a startup cycle to several chemicals including hydrazine in the ultrapure process water, and pre-startup and post-shutdown physically contacted its opposing face. We determined that the corrosion of the laser cut features due to the hydrazine exposure over just 1 day was changing the performance of the seal and reducing its ability to lift off the opposing seal face cleanly.  The user had to change their startup procedures to isolate that seal during the hydrazine step to allow improved operation.

Randall Manning, PE, ITC Certified Level 1 Thermographer

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Tampa, FL)

Mr. Randall Manning is a Project Engineer with 17 years of extensive experience in forensics engineering, evaluation, and testing. His experience in the assessment of structures encompasses those affected by problematic near surface and deep soil conditions to cause and origin of structural related damages from storm-related events and water infiltration to building envelope failures. During this time, Mr. Manning has performed and collected data on thousands of properties and structures by soil borings, geophysical testing (ground penetration radar and electric resistivity inductance), floor elevation surveys, and accessing all areas of structures, as well as monitoring remediation for soil subsidence and underpinning prevention and restoration. He has also performed and classified geotechnical soils and construction materials testing as per ASTM/AASHTO methods to include natural moisture content, 200 washes, organic content, Atterberg limits, grain sizes, proctors, LBRs, FBVs, concrete compressive strength, and asphalt. Furthermore, Mr. Manning has construction experience for not only placement, but supervision of reinforcement steel for bridges, retaining walls, and solid poured concrete houses. Finally, Mr. Manning has experience with residential construction and framing, as well as granite countertop fabrication.

Fun Fact: When I was a child, I aspired to be a Police Officer. Now, as a forensic engineer, my favorite part is the variation in projects, not seeing the exact same work, day in and day out. At Envista, my daily role will be performing cause and origin assessments on structures. I look forward to helping out the construction section with construction defect investigations.

Sasan “Sean” Parniani, PhD, PE

Project Engineer, Civil/Structural (Austin, TX)

Mr. Sean Parniani is a project engineer with over 10 years of structural engineering experience including structural design and forensic investigation. He has extensive experience in the areas of design and implementation of structural blueprints based on engineering specifications and technical drawings for infrastructural projects and complex facilities, as well as experience working on construction sites providing inspection and oversight that include site evaluation, field testing, laboratory testing, and inspection of materials. Additionally, Mr. Parniani has conducted investigations of the causes of construction accidents, such as evaluation and assessment of natural and manufactured losses and disasters, including, hurricanes, structural and building envelope failure, and a variety of complex property loss scenarios.

Fun Fact: The most interesting investigation that I worked on was in a large complex (280 units) new construction residential building in San Antonio, Texas. Numerous construction defects caused water intrusion into about 70 units. Solving people’s problems is the best part of the investigation for me. 

Torrey Phillips

Senior Building Consultant (Tampa, FL)

Mr. Torrey Phillips is a licensed contractor with over 15 years of experience. Mr. Phillips is highly skilled in project management and has been consistently involved in all facets of handling commercial and residential construction in hundreds of projects over the course of his career. He specializes in commercial and residential construction, construction demo, remodeling, project estimating and cost control. Mr. Phillips is also proficient in xactimate and fluent in reading blueprints.

Welcome to the team!


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