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Envista Forensics Announces GWO Climb-Certified Experts

Chicago, IL – 27 octubre 2023

Envista Forensics (“Envista”), a leading global provider of forensic consulting services, announces its newest Global Wind Organization (GWO) climb-certified consulting experts.

After completing the GWO Working at Heights Training, which includes instruction on fall prevention and fall arrest techniques, Envista’s certified engineers now include Mark Majewski, Carlos Zeledon, Tom Button, Andrew Bennett, Brent Powell, Gustavo Romero, and Energy Practice Leader, Matt Senn. This certification provides the opportunity for these experts to work on wind turbine generators (WTG) anywhere in the world.

Envista’s climb-certified experts consult on a wide range of wind turbine incidents, from electrical or mechanical failures to structural disasters, vibration or resonance failures, transportation accidents, and even operator errors. These complex machines are susceptible to the same types of failures as many other energy assets, only they stand 300 feet in the air making access challenging. Having experts with the proper training and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) allows Envista to investigate and inspect a WTG safely.

“Envista understands that this intense, hands-on safety training allows our engineers to inspect and investigate areas that are inaccessible to most people,” shares Matt Senn, Practice Leader - Energy. “As we continue to expand our energy practice, we felt it was extremely important to be trained and available to assist clients impacted by these unique claims.”

In addition, Envista’s Equipment Restoration division, AREPA, has climb-certified consultants to provide damage assessment, damage control, and technical reconditioning of wind turbines.

If you are interested in learning more about Envista’s GWO climb-certified experts, visit our expert directory or contact Matt at





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