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Envista Forensics Announces GWO Climb Certified Consulting Team Around the Globe

Chicago – 04 febrero 2020

CHICAGO – February 04, 2020 – Envista Forensics, a global forensic engineering and consulting firm, is excited to announce that they now employ an industry-leading number of engineers certified to climb wind turbines.

Envista Forensics employs multidisciplinary engineers all over the world, including experts who can advise on wind energy-related incidents. In efforts to provide maximum value and service to their clients in the global energy insurance space, Envista has undertaken an internal wind turbine climb training and certification initiative. More than two years after the initiative was launched, Envista now has the largest footprint for experienced and certified climbers on the globe. Their climb team spans four countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“We are always looking for new ways to create value and be trusted advisors to our clients. As the wind energy industry evolves around the globe, we felt it was extremely important to be able to assist clients impacted by these unique claims,” said Bob Wedoff, President, Envista Forensics.

He went on to add, “What has been equally exciting, is watching our team of talented experts gain climb training so they can assist no matter where, or how high, the loss is located.”

Envista’s climb certified consulting experts were certified under the Global Wind Organization (GWO) and are located in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the UK. They consult on a wide range of turbine incidents, from electrical or mechanical failures, to structural disasters, vibration or resonance failure, transportation accidents and even operator error.

In certain countries across the globe, wind power is the largest source of renewable energy. In others, like the U.S., it’s just starting to catch on, but has more than tripled in demand in the last ten years. “In this high-growth industry, when just one turbine is out of service, the downtime and related costs can be substantial,” Wedoff commented.

In North America, because of the increasing number of turbines being installed, the number of incidents has inevitably increased. In Europe, this technology has been in used for years, however turbines are growing older and older and the need for experienced engineers is only increasing.

“These are complex machines susceptible to the same types of failures as many other energy assets, only they stand 300 feet in the air making access challenging,” comments Michael Pagano, Principal Consultant for Envista and long-time energy industry veteran. “Having experts with the proper training and PPE [personal protective equipment] allows Envista to investigate and inspect a turbine safely, it shows our clients we are prepared for whatever and wherever their needs might be.”

Envista has consulted on claims all over the world and now has an industry-leading number of climbers ready to serve clients no matter where they are located. For more information, visit

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