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Envista Doubles Donations to the IRC for Giving Tuesday

Chicago – 03 diciembre 2019

Chicago -- Dec. 3, 2019 -- Envista proudly supports the International Rescue Committee (IRC) by donating $5 for every completed customer service survey we receive and over the years, Envista has donated thousands of dollars to this amazing organization. This year, in celebration of Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement, Envista will be donating an additional $5 to IRC for every like and share of our social media posts today.

Located in over 40 countries and 26 U.S. cities, the IRC responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and aids in their recovery. This global organization’s mission is to help the lives in need recover from disaster or loss. 

?Not only does the IRC provide clean water, shelter, and health care to refugees and others in need, but also works to break down the barriers faced by these people and help restart their lives through improvement of economic wellbeing, health, safety, education, and empowerment.

For over 85 years, the IRC has built the foundation of their success on providing rescue and relief. As our goals align, Envista’s loyalty to the IRC is a dedication to help the 70 million displaced people requiring aid and fulfill our mission to deliver certainty to those facing losses. 

Similar to the International Rescue Committee, Envista’s services are predominantly provided post-loss. After a natural disaster or catastrophe, Envista experts are committed to providing forensic consulting and engineering services, investigating, and determining cause to those who have suffered a loss. 

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To support countries around the world and help improve the lives of refugees and those displaced by disaster, donate today. 

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Envista is a global leader in forensic engineering and recovery solutions, providing failure analysis, fire and explosion investigations, cyber security and digital forensics, accident reconstruction, building consulting and course of construction, geotechnical engineering, damage evaluations and equipment restoration services following disasters of all kinds.

Envista has served the insurance, legal and risk management industries for more than 30 years. Their experts travel globally from over 30 offices located across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.

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