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Structural Failure

Structural engineering failures can be extremely complex and are often catastrophic. No matter the scale or scope of the incident, they always require answers.

Structural Failure Analysis and Investigation

Envista's engineers devote their careers to solving challenging problems with structures. Our team has investigated failures in thousands of structures, from small buildings to complex infrastructure, determining the root cause of many types of incidents. With so many potential factors contributing to structural failures, you need an engineer or expert who understands the science and complex relationships between structural conditions, design, and construction.

Items investigated during a structural claim include:

  • Whether soil conditions contributed to the failure
  • Whether the failure of the structure was the result of a design error or construction defect
  • If nearby construction was a source of vibration and contributed to the failure
  • If the structural failure was weather-related, like from a freeze/thaw or ice dams
  • If the wooden member structural failure was a result of moisture, infestation, or another issue

Structural Failure Analysis

With our knowledge, multidisciplinary resources, and use of technology, Envista can assess the entire structure and determine the underlying cause of the failure, while developing creative and efficient solutions that meet the needs of each particular client.

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