Energy Failure Analysis

Whether fossil-fueled, hydro, nuclear, or renewable, energy production is a highly complex technical matter on which millions of individuals and businesses rely. Energy or utility losses can have serious consequences, including extensive business interruption costs, equipment and product damage, and catastrophic infrastructure damage.

Envista Forensics energy experts and engineers have in-depth knowledge of and experience in responding to failures involving control systems, boilers and pressure vessels, turbines, generators, transformers, switchgear, and many other components involved in energy production. We know that good planning and understanding are essential to mitigating and recovering from significant power losses.

Finding the Root Cause in Energy Loss

Envista Forensics has a global, multi-disciplinary team that is highly skilled in investigating energy losses and providing comprehensive solutions and expertise. Our engineers have well-rounded knowledge on how to analyze anything from corrosion and fossil fuels to complex, new technology, like solar, petrochemicals, and sub-sea systems.

From design to maintenance, Envista's engineers can review documents and determine where to look and which questions to ask to get to the root cause of an issue. We can assist with identifying and preserving critical evidence quickly to protect your assets in cases of third-party liability or subrogation. Our experts have worked extensively with insurers, adjusters, service providers, manufacturers, and more.

When an unbiased expert opinion, technical documentation, or expert witness is needed, we aim to provide a complete and satisfactory experience to each of our clients. All our reports undergo rigorous technical reviews by senior team members so that nothing is missed, and you receive real valuable information to help you resolve your challenging technical problems.

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