Van Fisher, Head of Quality Assurance & CAT Management, has been with Envista since it was founded back in July of 2005 as PT&C Forensics Consulting Services. In fact, Van was the first employee hired under the business name on July 5, 2005, as PT&C Forensic Consulting Services, P.A. He has witnessed every change in name, acquisition, and growth over the last 17 years.

Van has held roles as District Manager, Director, Vice President, Senior Vice President, Technical Director, and now Head of Quality Assurance and CAT Management at Envista.

His career began in structural engineering with Brown & Root in the 1980s, where he worked as a structural engineer and lead structural engineer designing and constructing oil & gas refineries and pulp and paper plants all over the U.S. and around the world. He has engineered some of the largest concrete reinforced structures in the world. Working and living around the world in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Kuwait, Van gained valuable insight from engineering in the sands of the desert to the rainforests of the amazon. 

Through these experiences, Van learned to be a problem solver, which led him into the forensics world after 12 years in the design world. Van began working in the forensic engineering field in 2000 and since has given countless depositions as an expert witness and as a corporate representative of Envista. He has testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions in both State and Federal Courts. 

Van has been active in organizations like ASCE, ACI, Blue Goose, NASP, NSPE, and other engineering organizations over his 22 years in the forensics industry.

Van has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, has some collegiate work toward a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Houston, and was a member of Xi Epsilon at the University of Texas in Arlington. Van currently carries approximately 25 professional engineering licenses in the states of Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Vermont, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, California, Arkansas, Delaware, Tennessee, New York, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, and the Country of Guam, and is the qualifying agent for Envista in most of those states as well.

Van Fisher

Van Fisher

Head of Quality Assurance & CAT Management

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