Vehicle Testing, Safety and Compliance


When it comes to vehicle dynamics, safety tests, speed and rollover research and analysis, Envista has engineers to help put the crash sequence back together through our accident reconstructionists.

For local or city personnel helping with accidents, to insurers, adjusters or attorneys involved, our engineers have experience analyzing all types of collisions. And through our testing facilities, we’ve conducted research to stay on top of and constantly improve our testing methodology

Leading the Charge

Our experts have been known for leading the charge when it comes to vehicle safety and testing, such as our findings related to Yaw testing, which was published by the Society of Automotive Engineers. That research was used to help engineers and local police use the most appropriate analytical methods following a certain type of crash.

Heavy Vehicle Testing

Large, commercial vehicle testing can be done to check weight distribution and the stopping distance of various trailers, wide-based tires, etc. This testing can help trucking companies, fleet managers, truck drivers, adjusters and attorneys in the event of a rollover or accident.

Vehicle Compliance Testing

For employers concerned with compliance for their fleet of vehicles, we can help ensure that your employees are properly protected.

If your organization is adding or modifying seats or seat belts in vehicles, your installation and testing must comply with local, state and/or federal safety standards.

For trucking firms, city fleet managers, and new equipment manufacturers, Envista provides the due diligence to ensure that any non-OEM seats and restraints are certified to meet government regulatory requirements.

If you wish to discuss compliance test requirements for any vehicles that you have altered or modified, or you want to modify, we have the expertise. Contact Envista if we can be of service.