Tires, Wheels & Brakes Failure Analysis


Tire and brake failures can cause a vehicle to lose control and may be responsible for a serious accident. Our engineers have been taught by world-class experts and are certified by the Tire Industry Association (TIA) and the Automotive Tire Service (ATS), and some are even instructors themselves.

We have provided tire and wheel forensic services to tire distributors, insurers, and legal counsel. Typical analyses include:

  • tire failure analysis of remaining tire components
  • wheel separations from moving vehicles
  • sudden air loss
  • mismatching of lug nuts and wheel, wheel and tire, wheel and vehicle suspension
  • premature tire failures
  • tire regulations and testing requirements
  • cause of the loss of control

Brake Failures

Our mechanical engineers have widespread knowledge of brake systems and can properly analyze what may have caused or contributed to a possible brake failure or system malfunction. A brake failure is just what it sounds like—when a vehicle’s brakes have lost the ability to perform and, therefore, fail.

Properly maintained vehicles have less of a chance of brake failure, but it does happen. Certain things have been known to cause failures and our engineers can examine and verify:

  • loss of brake fluid pressure
  • air pressure
  • rusted brake line
  • ABS modulator
  • Faulty power brake booster
  • Water in brake fluid from high temperatures