Accident Reconstruction Biomechanics


Following an accident, a detailed analysis of the situation can be provided to clients to help them make informed decisions on what truly happened, and which scenario was most likely to have occurred. This can be done by one of Envista’s biomechanical engineers, who have investigated numerous accidents and provided expert testimony for decades.

Examples of typical investigations include:

  • Ladder incidents and falls
  • Personal injury (trip and fall)
  • Playground equipment failures
  • Handicap accessible ramps or equipment incidents

Building code and industry-standard requirements

Aside from the accident alone, other factors can come into play to complete an accident investigation, including building code and industry standard reviews. This is especially important for worker’s comp or regulatory health and safety incidents. An Envista biomechanical engineer can evaluate:

  • Building code requirements for stairs, railings, interior or exterior steps and doors
  • Ladder testing that adheres to local standards (based on where the accident occurred, e.g. CSA, OSHA, etc.)
  • Walking surfaces and floors to ensure they adhere to industry and local standards

Vehicle collision and personal injury

When addressing personal injuries, both medical and personal information will be required to help with our analysis. Our biomechanical engineer will analyze injury mechanisms, probable causation and seatbelt effectiveness no matter the speed of the vehicle.