Transportation & Injury Biomechanics


Transportation & Injury Claims 

Accident reconstruction is the scientific process of investigating and analyzing how an incident occurred. At Envista, our engineers can provide solid answers backed by continued research into vehicle and system behavior.

Our experts have conducted thousands of investigations following all types of vehicle collisions, as well as personal injury claims, to determine whether the injury was related to a vehicle collision or not.

Accident Reconstruction

Insurers, legal counsel, vehicle manufacturers, trucking fleets, tire distributors and large industrial companies all trust us to provide in the information and analysis they need including:

  • Obtaining event data recorders or ‘black box’ data from vehicle modules
  • Computer simulations and animations
  • Vehicle dynamics and controllability
  • Seatbelt and airbag effectiveness (including child seats)
  • Tire, brake and wheel failure analysis
  • Finding the cause of mechanical failures
  • Compliance testing of new seatbelt system installations
  • Crash testing to replicate low speed collisions

Personal Injury & Accident Biomechanics

Our biomechanical engineers have investigated numerous accidents and provided expert witness testimony. We can provide a detailed analysis of a situation to uncover what really happened and who or what was at fault:

  • Ladder incidents
  • Trips and falls
  • Equipment failures
  • Handicap accessibility claims or incidents
  • Failures to meet building code requirements or local standards

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