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Roofing Desaturating Testing and Analysis

Shingle desaturation testing is used to determine whether damage, fractures, punctures, or tears to a roofing system and roofing reinforcement material exist, which are commonly seen from impact damage, like hail.

Insurance companies, property owners, and legal professionals may use the results of Envista's desaturation testing to understand the extent of damage to a roof.

Roof Desaturation Analysis

Envista offers a desaturation testing protocol for roofing. Desaturation is the process of removing the bitumen roofing material, which allows the roof reinforcement to be fully examined.

In our lab, Envista's experts carefully examine and document bituminous roofing samples, such as built-up roofing, polymer-modified roofing, and shingles. Then use a vapor degreaser to desaturate the samples and remove the asphalt, aggregate, and tar from bituminous roofing, revealing the encapsulated reinforcement fibers and allowing for close examination.

Any bituminous products can be candidates for desaturation testing including shingles, roll roofing, or underlayment, which allows our engineers to be able to analyze the mat and determine the cause of the claimed damage to the roofing system.

Following the desaturation process, experts note whether the reinforcement material contains fractures, punctures, or stained regions that are characteristic of impact damage. Envista will then provide a comparative analysis using overlays of original samples and completes a detailed report including descriptions, findings, and photographs.

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