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Ionic Contamination Wipe Sample Testing

Envista Forensics pioneered the method of using wipe samples to test for the presence of ionic contaminants like water, smoke, soot, construction dust, and chemicals. Ionic contamination testing via wipe samples quantifies the level of contamination that a piece of equipment has been exposed to.

Wipe sample testing results show how corrosive contaminants are to a specific material. These test results allow forensic investigators to understand and predict the effects that contaminants may have on electrical and mechanical equipment. Analysis of materials using wipe samples allows for a clearer understanding of how to return potentially contaminated equipment to a pre-loss state.

Ionic contamination wipe sample testing can be used to quantify the corrosive impact of contamination on various materials and equipment including:

  • A/V equipment
  • Commercial equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • MEP
  • Building materials
  • Computer equipment
  • HVAC
  • Lab and analytical equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Smart home system

Wipe Sample Testing Process

During the testing process, a wipe sample is taken by an expert in the field from a defined surface area that is representative of a potentially contaminated area. Then, the wipe sample is sent back to Envista's lab for further study. Any ions that were picked up by the wipe in the sample are extracted into a water-based solution, which is then analyzed via ion chromatography.

Envista's experts look for specific anions and cations that are known to cause corrosion, following EPA 300.0 and ASTM D6919 standard methods. The results will determine the source of equipment contamination and the extent of the exposure, which will allow our experts to make recommendations on whether the equipment needs to be restored, repaired, or replaced.

Ionic contamination wipe sample testing is typically done after events, such as:

  • Construction failures
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Tornadoes
  • Explosions
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Typhoons

Equipment Restoration

AREPA, Envista's equipment restoration team, also uses wipe sample testing to determine whether equipment needs to be decontaminated as well as to verify the cleanliness of equipment post-restoration.

AREPA's wipe sampling ensures that all equipment has been restored to the standards of the original equipment manufacturer. To learn more about AREPA's decontamination services, please visit their website.

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