Fatigue loading of a mechanical part or material is the result of structural loads that are not constant and change over time. These loads can change slowly or very rapidly. As the loads vary, so does the stress level within the component. Properly considered at design time, these variations in load can be dealt with. If not considered at design time or if used in an unexpected matter or defectively manufactured – the part can fail. At Envista, we have the experts to determine how and why a part failed. Failure may be due to design, manufacturing, or the environment the part was used within. 

The investigative process considers:

  • The materials used for the component, Some materials – based on composition and manufacturing process hold up better over time to fatigue loading conditions. When considering materials issues one needs to consider
  • The static and dynamic loads experienced directly lead to the fatigue failure
  • Was there a defect within the component from the start that led to the fatigue failure?

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