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Vehicle Safety and Compliance Testing Services

When it comes to vehicle dynamics, safety tests, speed, and rollover research and analysis, Envista's engineers can help put a crash sequence back together using accident reconstruction. We use our testing facilities to conduct research and are constantly improving our testing methodology.

While analyzing collisions, Envista's engineers have experience working with local or city personnel as well as insurers, adjusters, or legal professionals.

Heavy Vehicle Testing

Heavy vehicles bring unique challenges to accident investigations, as they have different and more complex characteristics compared to passenger vehicles. Large commercial vehicle testing can be conducted to analyze vehicle weight distribution and center of gravity, tractor-trailer stopping distances, commercial load, and tie-down worthiness, propensity to roll over, etc. This testing can help trucking companies, fleet managers, truck drivers, adjusters, and attorneys in mitigating the likelihood of a rollover event.

Additionally, Envista is capable of downloading data from and modifying heavy vehicle Engine Control Modules (ECMs). This information can be useful when a fleet manager is looking to assess the probability of recording collision-related data in a vehicle collision, or if they are interested in verifying the driving records of their employees based on the vehicle engine history data.

Vehicle Compliance Testing

Envista's team of engineers has knowledge and expertise in vehicle compliance testing that helps organizations ensure the safety and compliance of altered or modified vehicles.

For employers concerned with safety requirements on their fleet vehicles, Envista's team of experts can ensure that employees are properly protected. If your organization is adding or modifying seats or seat belts in vehicles, your installation and testing must comply with local, state, and/or federal safety standards. For trucking firms, city fleet managers, and new equipment manufacturers, Envista provides the due diligence to ensure that any non-OEM seats and restraints are certified to meet government regulatory requirements.

If you wish to discuss compliance test requirements for any vehicles that you have altered or modified, or you want to modify, we have the expertise. Contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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