Electrical Fires


Envista's electrical engineers and fire investigators have the experience needed to steer the investigation from the initial site inspection through expert courtroom presentations. Our investigations are multidisciplinary, and draw upon expertise in fire science, engineering, and chemistry to find the cause of the incident. They have experience in courtroom settings and can effectively communicate findings in a clear, concise manner in order to be easily understood by non-technical individuals. 

What causes electrical fires?

An electrical fire or electrical fires is defined as "any fire involving some type of electrical failure or malfunction." In the U.S. alone, more than $1.3 billion in home property damages are a direct result from an electrical fire. Common causes of electrical fires include faulty outlets or appliances, light fixtures, space heaters, outdated wiring, and failures to equipment used for electrical distribution, lightning or ignition.

When you think of the wiring necessary for a home or business 20 years ago, it's vastly different than what is "needed" in today's world. Companies now need large data centers, servers, computers, and more. Older, antiquated buildings did not have the same codes or requirements as we do today.

If you need an engineer to identify the cause of a fire or explosion, contact the Electrical Engineering group at Envista by calling +1 (847) 559-3000.