Drone or UAS Investigations


With one of the largest fleets in the industry and FAA-licensed pilots located across North America, Envista’ s Drone investigation team complements our multi-disciplinary forensic consulting services following widespread, dangerous, complex and catastrophic property claims. Whether it is a hurricane or typhoon that impacted a densely populated area, a hazardous fire scene, or a bridge collapse in a remote area, Envista’s UAS services utilize cutting edge camera/sensor technologies to help you collect valuable imagery and perform forensic evaluation.

When should drone technology be used?

In many cases, drone technology can help capture and identify complex damages in challenging locations or unsafe environments such as:

  • Building or bridge collapse
  • Landslide or mudslide
  • CAT (Tropical Storms, Wildfires)
  • Complex fire scenes
  • Mine collapses
  • Structural damage
  • Wind turbine failures

Envista’s drone capabilities provide our clients with:

  • Visual/RGB imagery capture
  • Thermal imaging or Infrared technology (IR), to detect temperature variance of a structure during inspection
  • 3D Modeling to identify complex dimensions and develop accurate drawings
  • Contour Mapping to find elevation changes across an area for drainage or slope
  • In-depth reporting capabilities through high-end, innovative software

Our pilot engineers

Our drone forensics team of FAA-licensed pilots can offer consulting and analysis to clients no matter where they are located. Our pilots are also our engineers, so they know where to look and what to look for to process claims as quickly as possible. Check out our expert directory to find a pilot near you, or contact our Drone Services lead, Van Fisher at van.fisher@envistaforensics.com.