Subrogation Investigation


We partner with some of the largest subrogation firms across the globe. Fires, explosions, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, marine cargo, construction defect incidents, and even cyber breaches can all lead to insurance claims, many of which are caused by third parties. Insurers will typically indemnify these claims to restore the policyholder to pre-loss condition. In order to ensure a successful recovery, it is critical that subrogation potential be identified as soon as possible, as this may impact the way in which the claim is handled.

Envista understands the need for immediate response to subrogation-related matters and helps carriers and attorneys in their investigation through the use of our engineers and experts. Following a complex catastrophic loss, it is natural for all involved parties to become preoccupied with immediate needs, however, subrogation opportunity should be considered at the onset to maximize the potential for recovery.

Expertise for Claim Investigations

Our forensic experts have decades of experience working with both defendants and plaintiffs, and are focused on the need to identify all potential areas of recovery. The expert you retain at the outset can make or break your case. Envista is committed to providing a thorough investigation for our clients on each and every matter. Examples of some of incidents we can assist with include:

  • Civil/Structural, Construction Defects, Roofing Claims, Water Intrusion
  • Digital Forensics and Cyber Security
  • Electrical and Mechanical Failures
  • Energy, Refineries, Turbines, Power Plants
  • Equipment Failures
  • Fire and Explosion, Flame Spread, Product Liability
  • Fire Protection, Sprinkler and Alarm Failures
  • Healthcare and Biosciences
  • Marine/Cargo Losses

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