Safety/Workplace Safety


A safe workplace is important for everyone, so when an accident occurs in the workplace it is of critical importance to determine what truly happened and to understand how to prevent it in the future.

There are many factors that come into play and have to be evaluated when an accident happens in the workplace. 

These include:

  • The type of equipment workers have to work with every day. Does the equipment have a lot of moving parts? Is it well maintained? Are all of the guards in place? Have the employees been properly trained to operate the equipment?
  • The depth and breadth of training programs provided to the employee. Are the safety training classes adequate or do they truly not educate the employee?
  • The maintenance and upkeep of the facility. Look around – does it look like a place you would want to work? Often poor housekeeping leads to slip and fall accidents. All employees need to be responsible for keeping the facility clean and safe.
  • Federal and state workplace standards. OSHA plays a critical role in keeping the workplace safe. If you are investigating an accident, did OSHA investigate and was the employer fined?
  • The list of factors of course goes on and is not just what we mention above. One also has to consider the internal policies and procedures of the organization. To keep the workplace safe, there needs to be good procedures for
  • Confined space entry. Every year people die because they did not follow the proper procedures or thought – it has never been an issue before – I am sure it won’t be this time.
  • Lockout – tagout. No one should ever have to work on an energized system. There needs to be a firm belief that systems need to be properly de-energized, locked in a safe position and then tagged properly so no one else can come along and put the system back in service.
  • Protective Equipment. It seems so obvious, but at times people ignore the fact that the required safety equipment is for their own good. Hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, breathing apparatus, etc. is just the start of the equipment often need for a safe work environment.

So, how can Envista assist you? Our safety experts can cover all of the areas mentioned above. They have worked in real facilities, designed real machine guards, investigated workplace accidents, and have been responsible for keeping employees safe. Who better than people like this to determine what happened and how to prevent it?


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